Having left southern hemisphere winter behind me for several weeks and made it to the US. We planned to go hiking for a week in the Appalachians in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, my partner strained his ankle so badly that we had to bail. Instead, we decided to go on a little road trip. Road trips are a fabulous way to explore, especially the US: there are vast networks of roads, motels, restaurants, and grocery stores to secure the logistical side of such an endeavor, and of course plenty of exciting places to see and visit. 

After having hiked intensively on the US West Coast it was time to explore the East Coast a bit further. No, I haven’t hiked the Appalachian Trail, not yet, not this time. But my partner and me hit the Benton MacKaye Trail. This is an about 300 mile long trail that shares its southern terminus with the Appalachian Trail, intersects with it a couples of times, but then makes its way north-west instead of following the AT to the north-east. It winds its way up and down the Appalachians through Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. 

Die USA sind auch ein großartiges Land zum Wandern. Drei epische Fernwanderwege führen von Süd nach Nord (oder umgekehrt) und wer den Pacific Crest Trail an der Westküste, den Continental Divide Trail über die Rocky Mountains und den Appalachian Trail an der Ostküste gegangen ist, hat etwa 8000 Meilen absolviert und darf sich Triple Crowner nennen. Neben diesen drei bekanntesten, gibt es weitere Fernwanderwege, die das Land durchziehen. Aber es gibt zahllose kürzere Trails und Wege; insbesondere in den Nationalparks kann man wunderbar und auch mehrere Tage wandern.