Bye bye Mendoza, bye bye Argentina. I am leaving South America by hopping from country to country, airport to airport, slowly making my way north – can’t think of ever having had such long and circuitous journey to a destination: Mendoza, Santiago de Chile, Lima, Mexico City, Los Cabos, and eventually Los Angeles on the way back to the East Coast where I’ll fly out to two days later. 

And yes, the least time I am spending on aircrafts as I am facing ridiculously long lay overs between 8 and 12 hours each time. On the one hand a lot of time to read, on the other hand a somewhat matching end to the time in South America: the rough start with being robbed, the fact that we didn’t climb the mountain as the three friends of us as we had planned, the tiny, tiny budget we’ve been on because of the loss of my funds and therefore more time spent in Mendoza as actually wanted. 

BUT – we met lovely people … in Santiago, on the mountain, in Mendoza. We had amazing steaks a lot of times, I tasted quite some very tasty and good wines from Mendoza area which is the place to be for some amazing Malbec, we played a LOT of dice games, talked and discussed … and overall we made ourselves at home in Mendoza which was maybe not the most exciting place to be, but, however, a laid back, relaxing and warm place. … and yes, not to forget, I climbed Aconcagua!


Exploring the world and myself by two feet.

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