The most well known place might be Hampi. This former capital of an old empire is dotted with numerous ruined temple complexes within a very scenic area. It looks as if giants had played with rocks and just left them where they fell. It’s a peaceful place and it’s relaxing to stroll for hours among those temples. 

After marvelling around in magical Ladakh it was time to hit the ‚real‘ India! The province of Karnataka was waiting. Karnataka is a province in South India, that offers a lot of historical and religious sites and a spectacular contrast between the high-tech metropolis Bangalore and small villages and farmland in rural places. 

Travelling in India might feel exhausting at first, but loosen up, let things happen, don’t expect anything and you’ll be rewarded by extraordinary experiences and situations. India is not just incredible but everything in between life and death. The contrasts between rich and poor, cities and villages are huge and yes, it takes energy to travel around … But from my point of view India is far, far from all those horror stories about females travelling in India people use to tell. Yes, I am very aware of the fact that India is the most dangerous country to live in for women, the public life is male dominated, females have hardly any rights and young kids are sent to beg. 

I am aware of all that and I am aware of my privilege to come here and travel around. But I can’t save the world and maybe it has a small impact and empowers Indian women seeing me as a female travelling happily around … I am fascinated by India since the very first time I came here about 8 years ago. Something always pulls me back to here – it’s the colours, the food, the rich culture and history, the contrasts, the kind people, the landscapes and sceneries, I am fascinated by the religions, fascinated that you’re always within everything between earth and sky …. and there is something beyond the explainable that makes me wanting to come back to India over and over again. 


Exploring the world and myself by two feet.

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