12/03/2018 - NEW ZEALAND

Time to post an update ;-). Do you remember my last post? (Check out: HIKING – Te Araroa) The one I was also showing the other side of travelling and hiking? The one I was telling about me struggling? 

I was overwhelmed by all the reactions and messages I got afterwards! Yes, it is human to struggle and no long journey without continuingly asking for the WHY. Thanks for all kind words, support and private messages. I very highly appreciate that and all the support I got and still have. Amazing – I am definitely flattered and yes, back on track! 😀

But I felt the urge to go away from the trail for a couple of days and so I took the famous Tranzalpine train from Arthur’s pass to Greymouth and just out of an intention went on to Westport. I had an amazing time! First of all I love epic train rides and the Tranzalpine turned out to therefore be a must do for me. Arrived on the Tasman Sea stopped by at the Pancake Rocks, rented a bike in Westport to see the seal colony, a quite picturesque lighthouse and watched surfers at Tauranga Bay. 

After a couple of days and nice conversations with fellow hikers and other travellers I felt ready to hit the trail again. The fact that I got a ride to the trailhead instantly was a good sign to start over again.


Exploring the world and myself by two feet.

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