03/01/2018 - AUSTRALIA

This city is a beauty! I already liked Melbourne a lot and also Sydney is one of those cities where you immediately say ‚woah …. What a nice place to live!‘. Very urban, bustling, green, clean and with the impressive landmarks of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. But to be honest the closer you get to the Opera house the less magical it is … hahahahah. Anyway, nice place to hang out. In Sydney I also eventually met up again with a friend with whom I hiked over 4 years ago in Ladakh/India. He is on a world trip right now. We finally made it happen to meet again! It was fantastic to catch up and we had loads and loads to talk about. The hours just flew by until he went on to Canberra and I took a train out to the blue mountains. We never made it to meet in Germany and it’s just marvellous that if you want to make it happen it happens – even though in a city almost the furthest away from good ol‘ Germany! Life is good and friendship is important! 


Exploring the world and myself by two feet.

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