Life is full of coincidences … or better to say: since I am on my journey I don’t believe in coincidences anymore! Things are meant to happen and it is meant to meet people. So the universe made it happen that the paths of a friend and me crossed again and so we went on an truly amazing motorbike trip to Joshua Tree NP together. We rode through mindblowing desert scenery, cowboy-camped under the desert sky and rode all the way through the national park. I am extremly thankful, that I met you, B.!!! Keep on the high spirits and keep on living your best life today! 

My journey is full of ‘firsts’ … this is the first time that I celebrated Thanksgiving. It was a blast! Way too much food, way too many drinks …. bit just the right people! It was an amazing day with truly amazing folks. 


Exploring the world and myself by two feet.

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