Roadtripping and hiking is a combination I really like. Life in times of the epidemic, part II: In times when having to practice physical distancing, being away from your loved one, having to spend a lot of time inside (I am with my parents in Germany at the moment) it is a good opportunity to catch up on writing some stuff and sharing stories. Let me take a look back to earlier in the year … The more often I go, the more I like the Appalachians. I am not gonna hide: I love wild, rough, spectacular, remote mountains. Mountains,…

After having hiked intensively on the US West Coast it was time to explore the East Coast a bit further. No, I haven’t hiked the Appalachian Trail, not yet, not this time. But my partner and me hit the Benton MacKaye Trail. This is an about 300 mile long trail that shares its southern terminus with the Appalachian Trail, intersects with it a couples of times, but then makes its way north-west instead of following the AT to the north-east. It winds its way up and down the Appalachians through Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. 

… fiel die Wahl schnell auf den Benton Mackaye-Trail, der im Süden der Appalachen über knapp 300 Meilen verläuft. Er bietet genau das, was wir suchen: einen überschauen Trail, den man in maximal 3,5 bis 4 Wochen erwandern kann, keine Massen – die überwältigende Mehrheit der Wanderer wird man in dieser Zeit auf dem mehr oder weniger parallel verlaufenden Appalachian Trail finden – und ein tolles Naturerlebnis.