The train routes in the US have names. Train travelling is something I love to do! However, the train network in the US is old, needs a lot of maintenance, is unreliable …. but you get to see the country, you get to meet the people and it is a fantastic way to truly experience the size and vastness of the US.

I had two options in November to visit my friends in Wrightwood: I’d either fly, or I take the train. No question, I train to the West.

I fly from Baltimore to Chiacgo. From Chicago I took „The California Zephyr“ all the way to Emeryville/San Francisco.

From Emeryville I took the „San Joaquins“ to Los Angeles and „The Southwest Chief“ out to Victorville were Jessica would pick me up.

After having spend a few days in Wrightwood, I took the „Sunset Limited“ from Ontario/California to New Orleans.

… and the views from the „Sunset Limited“:

I spent a day in New Orleans and flew back to Baltimore. Epic!

I crossed the Mississippi twice, came through 11 different states in the US, experienced very different weather and climates in a November and inhaled views of amazing landscapes.


Exploring the world and myself by two feet.

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