Season’s changing! Probably one of the best times to visit Shenandoah National Park is fall. The air is crisp, the humidity that usually lies sticky and heavy on your skin is mostly gone, and the leaves change their color. In the  summer months, the Appalachians are a vast kaleidoscope of uncountable shades of green.  In fall, green changes to the most beautiful colors that nature can offer. The occasional wind gust helps to whirl the leaves from the trees, and it almost seems as eventually the forest opens its curtains and reveals better views over the ranges and valleys in between. 

Most of the time, hiking in the Appalachians is not about epic views. It’s about a different kind of beauty. This kind of beauty can be found in the small things and details: a tiny salamander that sits on moss, a toad that jumps over leaves, or a praying mantis that tries to hide next to a stone. You have to look for it.


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