After having spent a long day in front of my laptop with work in the air-conned room, I need to stretch my legs a little. Being pretty paranoid after I got robbed in Chile two years ago, I put all my valuables in to the hotel safe in my room. Then I take my face mask and leave to explore  the world outside the hotel property a little. Full on rush hour: a lot of traffic on the strip through the epicentre of Cancun’s tourism industry, people trying to flag down a taxi, people waiting for a bus. I start walking along that road of hotels and resorts and I pass one enclosed world after the other. Walking in high temperatures and with a lot of humidity is kind of exhausting. I can feel how this thin film of sweat on my skin gathers to drops underneath my face mask. I cross the road and continue walking alongside a canal with turquoise water. I spot some fish that try to hide in the mangroves, I see young people that meet up to talk and flirt. There are some men in the water, fully dressed in pants and shirt. I cannot see what they are doing. After some time I get tired of walking. There does not seem to be anything further to explore. I was back to the hotel. 


Exploring the world and myself by two feet.

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