The longer I live in Beijing, the more I see and hear and feel how this country works. The – I call it – outer world barely has an idea about China. It is way more than that picture that is drawn by the media in wherever country you are at. I am not saying that this is wrong, I am saying that you have to add many more shades to it. However, by living here you start to question common ideas everybody takes for granted without questioning them. But shouldn’t we sometimes question them? Maybe not necessarily in order to abandon them, but to make them better, adjust them. 

Being at the beginning of a new decade, shouldn’t we re-new or even create a vision on how we want to live in the future, in democracies that hard fought for? Democratic nations seem to fall apart. Where did the dream of a united Europe go? Let’s not get lost in pettinesses, consumption and numbness. Don’t let too much dust settle on past achievements.

Countries and world views are on the rise that have the power to change a lot, economically and psychologically. 

There are so many things I would like to share, like to talk about, but I do better not. 

I like living in Beijing – I am very much aware of what I sacrifice. I am very much aware of what I gain. 

Instead of continuing on that, I wish everybody who follows me along a Happy New Year and a great new Decade! May it be a happy one. Do things that make you happy, let’s be kind, empathetic, emotional, authentic, let’s go out, explore and see the world. However, also let’s be unhappy, miserable and sad. That’s okay, because life is not an endless Instagram-feed. 

I end here with sharing some of my favourite b/w pictures I took on my explorations on foot though that gigantic city. Enjoy! 


Exploring the world and myself by two feet.

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