Attention! I proudly present … my hood, the Thuringian Forest in central/eastern Germany. 

An invisible force always pulls me back to these stretches of dirt. It’s were I hiked a lot, biked a lot and yes, it’s where I actually grew up. A lot of memories are on these trails.

Actually I hated the woods until I left them at the age of 18. Then I started to miss it and now I can’t get enough of the fresh air, the silence among the trees and the misty mornings. It’s great to be back for some time … and it’s great to hike, bike and just be there. I am grateful for where I am from and I am grateful to spend time there with some truly awesome peeps – famiily and friends alike 😘😘. Good talks, fresh air, silence when very needed, a glass of beer and wine … and a couple of Bratwurst from the grill. Life’s good! 


Exploring the world and myself by two feet.

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