Australia! After I arrived in Sydney I went to the Snowy Mountains, more precisely to Mt Kosciuszko Nationalpark. It’s actually a very popular winter sports area: ski slopes, bob sledding, snowboarding. Yep, I talk about Australia. In this mountain range the snow piles up in winter time … absolutely unbelieveable, but the locals already showed me pictures. In the summer season it is a known MTB-area and, if course, perfect for hiking. However, it’s not that easy to get to Thredbo, that is the main hub for the area. It took me one bus ride from Sydney to Canberra, one from Canberra to Jindabyne and there I almost stranded. But then I found out that I can get a ride with the local school bus. And of course I am travelling in style with the best back pack ever … Hello Kitty is accompanying me.

Why all this hassle? Yeah, because I wanted to climb the continent’s highest mountain – Mt Kosciuszko with its mighty 2228 metres above sea level. 99.9% of the people take the chairlift to almost midway and walk the rest. Of course I hiked up all the way and extended my dayhike by combining all the major hikes of the area. I had a blast and I was surprised by the alpine scenery that lay ahead of me once I have been above the tree line. 

In the hostel was another surprise waiting for me. The lovely host invited me for a beer and prepared a ‚I climbed the highest mountain‘-certificate for me.


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