01/02/2018 - SoCal

I am back in beautiful SoCal for some time. Even though it is January it is relatively warm, the sky blue and – most important – meeting up with awesome friends 😀😀! It’s great to be back and to have had such a warm welcome!!! Had a fantastic time climbing again, enjoying a mini-vacation from the trail in NZL, resting my legs and planning crazy things for the next months to come.

11/12/2017 - MOJAVE DESSERT / SoCal

The last sunset in the SoCal desert for prob some time. Been climbing amd shooting again with a bunch of great people. I will not only miss the desert but even more some amazing people I call friends. My weeks in SoCal have been amazing and my first impression of the desert as a sad and boring place is sooo wrong! These landscapes are awesome, love the vastness, sunsets, colours, rocks. It’s never easy to leave … but I will be back. 

08/12/2017 - SAN DIEGO / SoCal

San Diego! What a relaxed and sunny place. I am really into that place. Unfortunately I only stayed 2 days, but I used these for going for an amazing run early in the morning around Oceanbeach, strolling around in the gas lamp quarter, walking along the harbour drive and catching up with Vaya, who I met on the Pacific Crest Trail a couple of weeks ago. I stayed at this incredible hostel in Point Loma, where I met really nice like-minded people …. we ended up talking for hours about our former travels to Siberia and Mongolia. Always great to meet other travellers. …. and, oh yeah, it is December and I am still wearing my shorts, the sky is blue, the sun shining and I might even got a sunburn today.


My journey is full of ‚firsts‘ … this is the first time that I celebrated Thanksgiving. It was a blast! Way too much food, way too many drinks …. bit just the right people! It was an amazing day with truly amazing folks. 


Life is full of coincidences … or better to say: since I am on my journey I don’t believe in coincidences anymore! Things are meant to happen and it is meant to meet people. So the universe made it happen that the paths of a good friend and me crossed again and so we went on an truly amazing motorbike trip to Joshua Tree NP together. We rode through mindblowing desert scenery, cowboy-camped under the desert sky and rode all the way through the national park. Keep on the high spirits and keep on living your best life today! 


Exploring the world and myself by two feet.

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