03/12/2017 - ROADTRIP through the SOUTH WEST 

The US is the perfect place to go on a roadtrip! Went on an epic trip through mindblowing stretches of earth. We only had 6 days, but drove over 4200 km, so yes, seen ’some good patches of dirt‘, enjoyed warm weather, climbed rocks, explored caves, rode MTBs, ran down some steep rocks, discovered a true wild west place (oh yeah, Wyatt Earp revival), listened to ridiculous rock music from the 90s and figured out we can still sing along. 

03/12/2017 - FOUR CORNERS 

Who can say one did planking in 4 different states at once?

Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado


I am in love! How can I not? These rocks are purely mindblowing. Spend some hours strolling, hiking, driving and, yes, running in beautiful Arches NP. The whole trip through Utah was a surprise – did not expect that state so pretty. As I generally love vast epic landscapes this is definitely the place to be for me. ….and, 1st Dec – wearing shorts.

30/11/2017 - MOAB / UTAH

… stranded in Moab! There are definitely worse places to spend some time. The scenery is amazing! Red rocks, windy canyons …. time to hit some MTB trails. First time for me, probably not the last time as it was fun. 

30/11/2017 - MONUMENT VALLEY

Roadtrip to a mindblowing place.


Exploring the world and myself by two feet.

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