Cycling in Norway


The first cherry is me taking a boat of the Hurtigruten which is a Norwegian public coastal route. Boats run either south, from Kirkenes to Bergen or the other way round. In total, it takes a little over a week to cover the whole distance. This route is legendary and a lot of people book the whole package including a cabin and pretty fancy meals. But you can also book harbor-to-harbor tickets without any frills that only cost a fraction of the package price. I boarded the vessel in Vardø, southbound to Honningsvåg.

The 20 kilometers back to the turnoff that leads to Bugoynes was pretty easy with all the tailwind I got granted this morning. The road towards Varangerbotn led through delightful scenery of beech trees and fantastic views over the fjord glittering in the sunlight. Eventually, the road climbed up a plateau where the landscape was back to barren granite, and a cold wind was coming from ahead. The views over Varangerfjord were marvelous, though.