Great Ocean Walk

22nd December 2017:

I just hiked the 100 km of the Great Ocean Walk. This hike leads from Apollo Bay all along the coast to the world famous 12 Apostles. At first I thought that it will be boring … ocean, cliffs, ocean. BUT this hike is purely stunning! Yes, you see the ocean a lot … it’s endless, wild, always roaring and eats furiously at the sandstone cliffs. And then there are forests of eucalyptus … hundreds of shades of green, it’s light, airy, delightful and always comforting in a strange way. I wandered among those old trees and felt fabulous. Also seen 15 kangaroos, 4 snakes, lots of birds, 2 echidnas and heard the grunting noise of 2 different koalas. It was fantastic to finally be back hiking. Ending this trail at the amazing 12 apostles was great and sad at the same time. After a lot of solitude on trail I was back in civilisation and had to share the place with hundreds of tourists … and got the horrible news that a car ran 14 people over in Melbourne.