17/12/2017 - AUSTRALIA

I left the US for now … and hit not only a new country but also a totally new continent. Australia, the land down under! Went from Honolulu on an epic 11 hour flight to Melbourne. Wow, this is a very beautiful city with an amazing quality of living: amazing food, relaxed atmosphere, lots of space, green lanes, a skyline, always a fresh breeze from the bay and ocean …. staying here at a friend’s place. 

31/12/2017 - AUSTRALIA

Truly a magic and very special place. Formerly known as Ayers Rock and now back to being called Uluru. A sacred site of the aboriginal people in the Outback of Australia. In the creation stories of them their ancestors transformed into rocks, trees and animals after they created the world in the so called ‚dream time‘. Being aware of this background it is more then understandable that you should not climb Uluru. Sad enough that still a lot of people climb it and therefore not respecting that site. We walked around it – 10,6 km in 36 degrees Celsius. 

31/12/2017 - AUSTRALIA

Awesome roadtrip through the Outback. After having seen Uluru, we went on to see more great red rocks in Kara Tjuta Nationalpark and Watarrka Nationalpark. Final destination is Alice Springs from where I am going to fly out to Sydney. 

The outback is epic! Not just flat and surprisingly diverse. But I never ever before felt so much isolated from the world. There is not much more then rocks, red sand and bushes and you are better taking every opportunity to fill up your car with gas. …. oh yeah, and as we travelled in the Australian summer it is extremely hot.

03/01/2018 - AUSTRALIA

This city is a beauty! I already liked Melbourne a lot and also Sydney is one of those cities where you immediately say ‚woah …. What a nice place to live!‘. Very urban, bustling, green, clean and with the impressive landmarks of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. But to be honest the closer you get to the Opera house the less magical it is … hahahahah. Anyway, nice place to hang out. In Sydney I also eventually met up again with a friend with whom I hiked over 4 years ago in Ladakh/India. He is on a world trip right now. We finally made it happen to meet again! It was fantastic to catch up and we had loads and loads to talk about. The hours just flew by until he went on to Canberra and I took a train out to the blue mountains. We never made it to meet in Germany and it’s just marvellous that if you want to make it happen it happens – even though in a city almost the furthest away from good ol‘ Germany! Life is good and friendship is important! 

05/01/2018 - AUSTRALIA

Even though Sydney is a great city I decided 2 days are enough and boarded a regional train to Katoomba. This little town is the major hub for exploring the Blue Mountains. I didn’t expect the place that bustling and touristy, but it was easy to escape the crowds that were only brought to the major lookouts by bus. I hiked along the cliffs and enjoyed a little solitude and amazing views. …. and even met a little strange animal – an echidna.